SimpleCraft Changelogs

Version 15.2

  • Reconfigured pack.mcmeta to work with 1.9

Version 15.1

  • Updated for 1.8.7
  • Swapped Sandstone Normal and Sandstone Smooth textures
  • Changed Prismarine Bricks to look like standard Clay Bricks
  • Textured Sponge and Wet Sponge
  • Changed Birch Logs to match the style of the pack
  • Textured Acacia Log and Dark Oak Log
  • Textured Prismarine Rough
  • Changed the outline of the Crafting Table and Chest
  • Added two new potion effects to the inventory GUI

Version 15.0

  • Updated for 1.8
  • Re-textured the iron door
  • Added coarse dirt
  • Added new doors
  • Added iron trapdoor
  • Added prismarine
  • Added redsandstone

Version 14.0

  • Updated for 1.7.4
  • Added many of the new blocks
  • Added minor detail to the logs to make them more appealing
  • Added many of the new items
  • Modified the GUI to include the horse EXP looking bar

Version 13.0

  • Updated for 1.6.1

Version 12.1

  • Minor fixes
  • Baked potato textures have been fixed
  • Compass and clock textures have been reverted to default for now

Version 12.0

  • Updated for 1.5

Version 11.2

  • Updated for 1.4.6
  • Added some more detail to planks and netherrack to make it more appealing

Version 11.1

  • Zombie and ZombiePigman texture fix

Version 11.0

  • All new 1.4 items

Version 10.7

  • Edited the enderchest.
  • Repositioned items on the Items.png
  • Updated for 1.3.

Version 10.6

  • Added little detail to sandstone to match the new sandstone blocks
  • Added little detail to bricks to match the new look of sandstone
  • Add all 12w19a, 12w21a and 12w21b changes
  • Removed the old chest from terrain.png
  • Repositioned the enderpearl because it was off by a few pixels
  • Enderchest has yet to have a simplified texture

Version 10.5

  • Added 12w17a items (Book, Book GUI and Demo GUI)
  • Added a small detail change to the buttons

Version 10.4

  • 1.2.4 Changes included

Version 10.3

  • Changed the crafting bench so the black is more brown
  • Changed a few icons
  • Included 1.2 changes
  • Changed the brewing station gui a little bit
  • Pumpkin blur changed to the current texture of the pumpkin
  • Change minecart texture
  • Changed the cloth texture that adds a little gradient

Version 10.2

  • Added all 1.1 new items
  • Changed the background back to dirt because it matches the Minecraft feel much better
  • Made the handle on the swords darker
  • Changed redstone, sugar, gunpowder and glowstone dust a little bit
  • Changed magma cream
  • Change tnt. Just added a little boarder
  • Changed the lava bucket
  • Added a simple lava texture (Need to patch your game first to see)
  • Changed wheat
  • Changed the grass side so it isn't so bright when on fast textures
  • Changed mycelium back to the way it was
  • Changed sandstone to look a bit like default
  • Added some small details to some of the items to make the pack a little more interesting than just being too plain
  • Changed sandstone a little tiny bit
  • Changed diamond so it matched the default shape a bit more than it used to

Version 10.1

  • Changed the XP bar to include a gradient so it doesn't look so plain
  • Included two links. Old ores and new ores
  • Changes the vines again
  • Fixed the brewing stand texture problem
  • Changed the pack icon

Version 10.0

  • Updated for 1.0.0
  • New mystery block included
  • Boss meter added

Version 9.8

  • Ores have been changed
  • Tracks have a few minor texture fixes to match each track
  • Nether brick changed. Credit - MCF User: Dextralus
  • Wildgrass textures have been changed to match grass colours better
  • Added the enderdragon things in the End

Version 9.7

  • Lighter grey on the furnace, piston and dispenser
  • Lighter outline on the furnace, piston and dispenser
  • Wild grass is now a pixel taller
  • Lilly pad is now one pixel longer to even it out
  • Cauldron texture has been fixed
  • The circle on the enchantment table is now smaller to look nicer

Version 9.6

  • Simplified the villagers
  • Added all prerelease 4 and 5 Items

Version 9.5

  • All prerelease 3 items in this release

Version 9.4

  • Added all 1.9 textures
  • Changed cracked, mossy and normal stone bricks to look much nicer
  • Changed vines (Still on the fence about them aka I don't really like them too much)
  • Changed the melon texture to resemble a melon and not a green cube
  • Changed netherrack as it was to bright

Version 9.3

  • Fixed the GUI problem
  • Added the new chest texture
  • Added the simple endermen texture

Version 9.2

  • Added new 1.8 terrain textures that were given by Jeb_ on his twitter
  • Added new 1.8 item textures that were given by Jeb_ on his twitter

Version 9.1

  • GUI Change. The health bar has been changed
  • Few block changes
  • Redstone has been changed

Version 9.0

  • Major update for 1.7
  • Pistons added
  • Cake and bed graphics change position on the terrain.png

Version 8.0

  • Added all new 1.6 items and blocks
  • Changed glowstone
  • Changed sandstone top
  • Changed the burning furnace graphic at the front
  • Changed the furnace fuel indicator from blue (Cold) to red (hot)

Version 7.1

  • Added the achievement BG
  • Changed sand to make it look better in my opinion
  • Added the web texture

Version 7.0

  • Added side grass biome
  • Added saplings
  • Added new cart tracks
  • Added most stats stuff

Version 6.1

  • Made the wolves simple
  • Added the tamed wolf heart animation
  • Fixed the pack description

Version 6.0

  • Achievements GUI added
  • Art backboard now simple
  • Added the cookie
  • Added the arrows.png
  • Added the cart
  • Mobs added includes: Skeleton, Slime, Spider, Squid, Wolf (Not simple yet) and Zombie
  • New Minecraft title added
  • The ice block has transparency

Previous Change Logs

  • Logs prior to 6.0 were lost